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Microneedling Information


This highly effective treatment is suitable for all skin types and ideal for all areas of the face and body. Regenerative results address fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, uneven skin tone, elasticity, sagging skin, sun damage and stretch marks.

How do I prepare for microneedling?

The skin should be prepared thoroughly prior to medical microneedling treatment. The application of an Environ® Vitamin A gels and creams is highly recommended for a minimum of three weeks prior to microneedling treatment. Longer periods of preparation are associated with faster healing and better results.

What is after care like after medical microneedling?

The normal skin care regime should continue both day and night. The skin should be hydrated with the recommended vitamins and moisturizer. You will be able to return to your daily routine the day after the treatment. About 10 days after the procedure, the skin will appear more radiant.

How long do I wait in-between subsequent microneedling sessions?

Medical microneedling can be undertaken at an interval between one week and a maximum of one month. Each repeated treatment adds to the treatment before and these effects will exceed those achieved by Fraxel, Thermage, without any associated risks and at a fraction of the cost.

For best results we recommend a course of either 3 or 6 treatments along with taking collagen boosting vitamin supplements. Using home care products before and after the treatment is mandatory.