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Environ Focus Care™ Skin Tech Home Device
Focus Care™ Skin Tech Home Device
Focus Care™ Skin Tech Home Device
Focus Care™ Skin Tech Home Device
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Focus Care™ Skin Tech Home Device

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Combining low-frequency sonophoresis (sound waves) and pulsed iontophoresis (electric current), this device was designed to be used with specific Environ products to improve the penetration of skincare and deliver more essential nutrients to where the skin needs them most, providing a lasting boost to the appearance of your skin The Electro-Sonic DF Mobile Skincare...

+How To Use

Once your DF Mobile is fully charged you are ready to begin a treatment. Clean the skin thoroughly. 

Apply a water-based gel, found packaged with the DF Mobile to the skin which will ensure good conduction of both electricity as well as sound, to the area to be treated. Dampen the conduction cloth and wrap it around the back of the DF Mobile, ensuring that the cloth covers both metal panels, and the palm of the hand makes good contact with both panels. 

The cloth must be slightly damp, not wet to prevent water-damage to the DF Mobile. Apply the same gel to the treatment head of the DF Mobile. Press the ON/OFF button for one second to switch the DF Mobile ON. Place the flat part of the Treatment Head flush onto the selected area of the skin and wait for a “beep” sound to indicate the start of the treatment. Hold the DF Mobile in a static position until the next beep sound is heard (15 seconds), before moving it slightly – always slightly overlapping the previous position. 

Repeat this until the defined area has been covered (see diagrams and list below for areas that may be treated) One may treat either small areas or even the whole face. It is unlikely that any individual will use the machine for longer than 15 to 20 minutes at most. 

Typically, most people report that they use it for about 5 to 10 minutes in total. Repeat the treatments twice a week in the beginning and slowly increase frequency until the product can be used once daily. 


TREATMENT INDICATIONS The appearance of the following areas can be targeted: 

• Frown lines on forehead and/or between eyebrows 

• Smile lines and fine wrinkles around the eyes 

• Upper lip lines 

• Hyper-pigmented marks (from sun damage) 

• Minor scars (not indicated for severe scarring/keloid scarring) 

• Double chin (submental area)


This technology is contraindicated for the following conditions:

  • Pacemakers and electronic implants of all kinds 
  • Pregnant or lactating women Epilepsy 
  • Open cuts & abrasions in the treatment area Cold sores (Herpes simplex type 1) and ulcers 
  • Metallic implants of the face 
  • Botulinum Toxin treatment and Dermal Fillers: A two week waiting period is recommended to avoid affecting their placement

Enhance the absorption and benefits of topical Environ products Improve the skin’s overall health and wellbeing as well as its complexion, texture and radiance 

  • For more youthfully radiant-looking skin use the device with our Concentrated Retinol Serums 
  • For an even better, younger-looking skin use the device with our Tri-Peptide Complex+ Advance Elixir 
  • To assist in the reduction of the appearance of frown lines and for a smoother, younger-looking use the device with our Peptide Enriched Frown Serum 
  • For beautifully hydrated and plump-looking skin use the device with our HA Intensive Hydrating Serum 
  • For more relieved and soothed-looking skin use the device with the Vita-Enriched Colostrum Gel