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Wash Your Face!

Do you really need to wash your face in the morning? There is many opinions on whether you should wash your face in the morning and whether you should wash your face in the evening even if you just stay home all day. Well the answer is YES!

Many people might think that they haven’t done much while asleep so what’s the need. Well our body detoxes during the night and many people sweat in the middle of the night. If you have oil skin your sebum can build-up over night and many times bacteria can accumulate throughout the night. The main point of washing your face in the morning is to prep your skin for the day, this is no difference then brushing your teeth in the morning.

Morning Cleansing -
As we are not worried about removing make up or SPF a great way to start your day is with a milky cleanser that is gentle and hydrating for the face. You can absolutely use the same cleanser as you do in the night-time if money is an issue. Follow this by your Toner, Targeted treatment product, moisturizer and SPF.

Night Cleansing –
I always recommend people who wear SPF or make-up to double cleanse. This means to use a Pre-cleansing oil to remove excuse oils, SPF, make-up and dirt build-up from the day. Using a soft facial or microfiber towel can assist with making sure all is removed. Make sure you use a clean towel each time. Then you follow this by your Milk/Gel Cleanser for your skin type. Once your face is squeaky clean you will apply your nightly products.