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Retinol in Cream | The Best Form of Vitamin A For Skin Care

The Best Form of Vitamin A | Retinol in Cream

Vitamin A is commonly referred to as retinol or it is also known as Tretinoin/Retin-A. It is an important ingredient in terms of skin care and optimizing skin health. Our skin naturally produces vitamin A but as we are exposed to toxins and our environment it breaks it down causing skin conditions.  Vitamin A works on both the dermis and the epidermis, the fundamental vitamin can attach itself to skin cells, normalizing their function assisting in achieving a healthier, younger looking version.

There are different molecule structures of vitamin A; retinol esters, retinol, retinaldehyde, and retinoic acid all are known as retinoids.

Retinol esters include; retinol propionate and retinyl palmitate, this is the mildest version and great place to start to allow the skin to acclimate to the vitamin, especially clients with sensitive skin. It is concerted into a retinoic acid by the skin at a cellular level. Retinyl palmitate takes a little longer to work, it does not cause reactions or irritations.

Vitamin A accelerates cellular turnover, boosts collagen and elastin, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, and smooths the texture of the skin. Consistency is key when it comes to vitamin A and once the skin becomes more acclimated we can increase the products for a stronger formulation.

A great way to start your skin on vitamin A is Environ's Skin EssentiA AVST Moisturizer.


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