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What Do Face Toners Do? | Toners for Face

What Do Toners Do?

Toner have come a long way over the years. Toning is a very important step in the skin care routine and can really help the skin in many ways. Toners keep skin healthy by balancing the skin’s pH and keeping the skin barrier intact. It also prepares the skin to receive serums/moisturizers. They can be repairing, hydrating, balancing, and smoothing on the skin’s surface, and can be used for every skin conditions.
When we cleanser our skin it. throws off our pH balance. When your skin produces excess oil, it becomes acidic. Toners balance our skin's pH level. PH level determines how “acidic” or “basic” a substance is in comparison to distilled water (which has a “neutral” pH of 7.0). Anything below 7.0 is considered “acidic”, and anything above a pH of 7.0 is considered an “alkaline” or “basic.”

Our skin is naturally acidic, typically with a pH balance of between 5 - 6 (on a scale from 0 - 14). Multiple things such as pollutants, detergents, soaps, cleansers, and even water can disrupt those levels. These can make the skin a bit dry and if moisturizer is skipped, skin will become dehydrated. Toners will balance out the dryer, more alkaline skin.

Depending on toner they can target different things from dry skin, acne prone skin to anti-aging (brightening and exfoliating). The one thing to note when choosing one is to avoid alcohol-based products which can be very drying.

The best way to apply toner is with either cotton or your hands using a press and release motion across your face, neck and décolleté.